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Who should decide what's best for baseball

By now, you've probably thought about whether you would like a pitch clock in baseball or limits on mound visits or other major league mandates to speed the pace of play. Your own tastes aside, the more important question is whether those mandates should happen, which is really a question of who owns the game.

Major League Baseball has three primary stakeholder groups: the players, who create the product; the owners, who finance and distribute it; and the fans, who consume it. The sport wouldn't exist as we know it without all three. This is technically true also of advertisers and guys hawking peanuts and turf companies, but those are secondary actors with only John Carlson Womens Jersey minor claims. The owners, the players and the fans are the core. All could plausibly claim to be the reason the league exists, and could plausibly claim to be whom the league exists for. Complicating matters, these three stakeholder groups often want different things.

Most of us were taught by our kindergarten teachers to believe in the compromise model of solving problems: If there's one last slice of pizza, we compromise (say, by splitting it). But compromise doesn't apply in all cases, such as when Marshall Faulk Jersey one party has a significantly stronger interest or when one party's sacrosanct rights are violated. If you want to punch my face and I want you to not punch me at all, we don't compromise by having you punch my chest.
Another way of solving these disputes, common in politics, markets or parent/child relationships, is to say that the party with more power (or the party more willing to wield its power) gets to decide. Two bidders on an auction item don't split the item. One bids more and gets it. This also breaks down in many cases, turning everything into a negotiation over power. You might be allergic to cheese and tomato sauce, but by withholding your consent on the slice of pizza, you force me into giving up something else. Everything gets weaponized, cynicism corrupts the system and half-slices of pizza sometimes end up going to people who barely want and don't need them.
Which brings us to a third tactic for settling disputes: Determining which distribution of assets will create the most total satisfaction, and working toward that outcome. If one party values something much, much more than another party does, the system (and the parties within it) should work to somehow get that slice of pizza to the person who most values it. Otherwise, we've kind of failed.
This is a somewhat utopian vision for settling problems, but philosophers have argued it's a moral imperative and should be at the center of any "what's good for the game" resolution. All three stakeholder groups contribute to the sport, and all three get value out of it. But they contribute and get value from different parts of the sport. A just way of thinking about these hard decisions is to ask which party contributes the most, and draws the most value, from the area in question. Or, more concisely, who owns it?
Identifying where each group's ownership begins and ends helps answer the question of whether there should be a pitch clock, and any number of other questions: whether shifts should be banned; whether pitchers should be suspended for throwing at batters; which legal performance-enhancing supplements should be outlawed within the sport; whether players should be allowed to tweet midgame; whether Yankees should be allowed to grow beards; whether the ball should be juiced, etc.
The players probably have the strongest claim of ownership on the game. If the owners all disappeared today and the fans disappeared tomorrow, most of the players would keep playing, and they'd be just as emotional and obsessive about it as they are now. (Evidence: Murderball.) At the innermost core of the sport is a group of athletes who, independent of everything else, want to succeed. Their obsessive pursuit of that success is the product. That's what we, the fans, want to watch, and that's what the owners convert into advertisements. For the existence Womens Pavel Zacha Jersey of the sport, we need the players way more than they need us.
So the players own everything that affects their ability to pursue baseball success. They own the play. If they opt to play a style of baseball that is boring or ugly, or even (within reason) dangerous, we should defer to them. Optimistically, they won't want those things!The owners almost certainly think they own the game, just because they literally do. In the second way we discussed of solving disputes -- in which the most powerful party gets to decide -- they might be right, but in the utilitarian model that we should be using, they're wrong.
Early in the sport's history they had a better case for co-equal (or more) ownership with the players. Owners back then were entrepreneurs risking their money to develop a new industry. But today's owners mostly inherited an industry, and even the very worst of them end up with huge profits from it. I'd be shocked if teams couldn't be run successfully (probably more successfully) as nonprofits, perhaps even public utilities. Owners are overrated.
That said, they do have literal, legal ownership over the sport -- this is still America! -- and this (along with their putative experience as businesspersons) makes them the natural stewards of the sport's profitability, which benefits both players (for obvious reasons) and fans (for reasons of accessibility, production and constancy). So, owners Robin Lopez Jersey have standing over areas that are primarily about making the sport thrive as a business and don't intrude on the players' ownership over play.,102333

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David Beckham wants to bring

An emotional David Beckham said Miami had made his “dream come true” after finally becoming a Major League Soccer team owner. The Miami MLS team plans to enter the US top-flight as its 25th team in two years.

The new club, which is yet to be named, was rubber-stamped by MLS 1,454 days after the former England captain arrived in Miami pledging to bring a professional team to the city. Now, with most of the hurdles cleared, MLS commissioner Don Garber has awarded Miami a franchise that will bring professional football back to the city for the first time since 2001.

Speaking to the UK media following the event, Beckham emphasized his Miami team will seek to bring in top stars, but also rely on an academy model to develop homegrown talent.
The former England captain expressed Greg Holland Jersey a desire to replicate the success of the ‘Class of ‘92’ – the group of young players who emerged to forge over a decade of success at Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson’s guidance.
“We want to reach for the stars, we want the best players in, but more importantly for us we want to create a state of the art academy where we have a hotbed of talent in this part of America,” he said. “If we get that right, that will make us and the people of Miami even more proud to support their team, because they’re seeing young kids, their sons, coming into this team and have the chance to play professional football.”
Monday’s announcement brings to a close a long saga during which failed stadium initiatives, local political maneuvering and a search for additional investment threatened to derail the project. A major breakthrough came last June, when the investment group secured the final three-acre plot of land necessary to build the new arena in the city’s Overtown district, describing it Womens Shawn Thornton Jersey last year as “the last chance to get a stadium or soccer team.”
The project remained on the verge of collapse until local construction magnates the Mas brothers, Jorge and José, joined the ownership group in December shortly after losing out on the bidding to buy the Miami Marlins baseball team.
“[The struggle to found the club] speaks to our desire to have an MLS team in Miami,” said Commissioner Garber. “This is a very important city in our country. It’s very culturally diverse, it’s got enormous energy and a Hispanic and Latino culture that really is one of the key demographic drivers in our country, which as you all know, is more important now than at any other time, in terms of what Rico Gathers Jersey that means politically.”
Beckham’s group has long envisioned a European-style “walk to the match” in the historically African American neighbourhood, where there is still ardent opposition and an ongoing legal appeal. It’s a couple of miles away from the initially-proposed waterfront location next door to Kevin Labanc Youth jersey the NBA’s Miami Heat, but a world away in terms of the glamour originally sought by Beckham in 2014.
Beckham added: “I’m English, so I’m coming into this wanting to learn, but I want to be a good neighbour. I don’t want to have any problems and obviously we want to make people happy.”

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This Blake Griffin trade might be a trap for super-mediocrity

Blake Griffin is an exquisitely skilled player in his prime. When you read that the Clippers traded him for a lightly protected first-round pick and a younger power forward they might have some interest in re-signing in July 2019, your reaction was probably: that's it? That's all they get for Blake freaking Griffin?And if the Clippers don't re-sign Tobias Harris in two summers, then they flipped Griffin -- the greatest homegrown player in the franchise's (mostly pathetic) modern history -- for one first-round pick and one second-rounder.

But right now, this is probably the very best deal the Clippers could have gotten for Griffin. He is in the first year of an absolutely ginormous five-year contract that will pay him about $35 million per season -- and almost $39 million in in 2020-21. He has a scary injury history. The Pistons could end up paying Griffin and Andre Drummond almost $70 million combined that season. Considering they have literally zero bankable long-term talent around them, and fewer avenues to find any after this trade, that scenario doesn't seem great.The Clippers saw their own version of that hard ceiling, and bailed out -- kicking off a potential rebuild that could go in a bunch of different directions.

The Pistons got the best player in this trade. Griffin has played his entire NBA career with a Drummond-esque rim-running center, only Drummond is a way better passer (and worse defender) than DeAndre Jordan. They can fit. But Detroit risks paying a ton of money to mimic the Chris Paul-Griffin-Jordan triptych, only with Reggie Jackson in the role of Chris Paul. Gulp. There is more to this for Detroit -- we'll get there -- but it is almost impossible to see any path to anything above a kind of super-mediocrity topping out around 50 wins.
And it's important to remember: Jason Hammel Youth jersey maybe super-mediocrity, with multiple playoff appearances in the middle of the East, is OK for the Pistons. They have obviously considered that endgame. They are struggling to fill a new arena, at risk of missing the playoffs for a second straight season. Being the Joe Johnson-era Hawks might be a great outcome for them.
For the Clippers, it's tempting to compare this deal to the trades for Paul George and Jimmy Butler over the summer. The Bulls got more for Butler, and that was clear at the time, before Kris Dunn blossomed and Lauri Markkanen started cramming all over fools. The Pacers probably got more for George on an expiring Shaquil Barrett Authentic Jersey contract, though no one -- not even the Pacers -- knew it then. Butler and George are barely younger than Griffin, who turns 29 in March. So the Clippers sold low on Griffin, right?Not really. That contract is locked in. A lot of Griffin's injuries have been flukes, but flukes add up as a player ages. Recurring knee issues preceded some of those flukes. Griffin's athleticism has already declined some.
Griffin is a power forward who can't protect the rim, and only began really shooting 3s this season. Without that 3-pointer, he's an antique in the modern NBA -- a casualty of math. George and Butler are multi-positional wings who can shoot, pass, and defend at a high level. They are the modern NBA. The Griffin trade almost reminds less of those deals, and more of Atlanta foisting Joe Johnson's albatross on the Nets in return for draft assets (and a bunch of players the Hawks didn't care about).
That's not fair to Griffin. He's better now than Johnson was then, and almost three years younger. But the downside risk for Detroit is similar to what happened with Johnson in Brooklyn.There just wasn't a lot of demand for Griffin, according to sources around the league. Some good teams with big dreams were turned off by his contact. Most good teams are already too expensive to absorb it without sending out their best or second-best players.
The half-dozen or so worst teams are so far away from contention that flipping their best picks and young players for an almost 29-year-old doesn't make any sense. The Lakers loom as a possible exception, only because they have clear and immediate free agency ambitions. We all know they need cap space to sign two max-level free agents, and Griffin would obviously cannibalize that. But there has long been another avenue: get one star in the door now, and use him as bait for the second.
The Lakers Noah Vonleh Youth jersey even have Brook Lopez's $22 million expiring contract to help match salaries. But they don't appear to have taken a serious look at Griffin, per league sources. Maybe it wouldn't have been workable; the Lakers already traded their 2018 first-round pick.
The veteran max contract, worth 35 percent of the salary cap, is one of the trickiest pieces to move -- and one of the most potentially damaging contract types in the league. It is a massive commitment that takes players beyond their primes. The Bulls and Kings traded Butler and DeMarcus Cousins to avoid dealing with it. We all celebrated when the Wizards inked John Wall to a deal that will start at that level in 2019-20. How will we feel when Wall be making $44 million in 2021-22 -- when he's going on 32?It took a franchise like Detroit: middling, desperate to win, desperate for relevance, content with being a pretty good playoff team as long as Griffin and Drummond stay together.
The Clippers could have gotten more for Griffin at times before last season, but teams rarely get to control the timing of superstar trades. Griffin's trade value probably crested in the 2015-16 season, when he still had that year and one more on his prior contract. The Clippers spent a lot of that season winning without him, as they usually did provided Paul and Jordan were also healthy, and thought about trading him then.
But he spent most of that year, including the months before and after the trade deadline, injured after punching a Clippers staffer. Before that John Matuszak Womens Jersey season, the Clippers were too good to consider trading him. After it, he became an expiring contract, deflating his trade value. Now, he's on a mega-deal. The Clippers decided not to risk the possibility that general decline or another injury eroded his value going forward. cheap nfl jerseys usa wholesale jerseys all cheap nhl jerseys cheap nfl jerseys wholesale cheap jerseys elite cheap nfl jerseys nike mlb jerseys usa nba jerseys for sale

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A few days ago, super agent Scott

Boras grumbled about the inaction in free agency this offseason, telling The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal, “We have to get rid of the noncompetitive cancer. We can’t go to our fan bases and sell the promise of losing to win later. That is destructive to our sport because it has removed one-third of the competition.”

What Boras is really suggesting is that this is destructive to his clients. His charge is teams aren’t interested in signing, say, Mike Moustakas because not enough of them are trying to win, not because they might be unwilling to overpay for a player who posted a .314 OBP and was worth just 1.8 WAR and, oh, costs you a draft pick if you sign him.

There’s no doubt some teams aren’t trying to win. Last season, you can certainly classify the White Sox, Phillies, Reds, Padres and maybe the Braves as teams not going all-out to build a playoff contender. But that’s only five teams, not one-third. The Tigers, Giants and Mets were terrible, but that wasn’t by design. The A’s, Rays and Pirates were working within their usual self-imposed budget constraints.
While we had three 100-win teams for the first time since 2003, I wouldn’t necessarily suggest competitive balance is skewed more than other times in recent history. One way to view this is by considering the number of consecutive Womens Sebastian Janikowski Jersey losing seasons each franchise is sitting on. If more teams are trying to lose, we should see more teams with lengthy periods of losing seasons.
The Marlins have the current longest stretch with eight consecutive losing seasons, followed by the Padres with seven and the Phillies and White Sox with five. If we add up all the consecutive losing seasons from all 30 franchises, we get 51. Is this unusual? Let’s look at five-year intervals:
By this measure, you can argue we have better competitive balance right now. I’m not sure this is the best way to measure Ethan Westbrooks Authentic Jersey this; it’s one way. In 2012, however, the total was skewed by the Pirates, who were sitting on 20 consecutive losing seasons (they ended that streak in 2013). The only team with more than four straight losing seasons was the Royals, with nine. Those clubs had suffered from both front-office incompetence and small-market disadvantages.
In 2007, the Pirates were at 15 losing seasons, the Rays and Orioles at 10, the Reds at seven. The Royals, with four, were the only other teams with more than three. In 2002 -- near the height of Bud Selig’s complaints that small-market teams had no chance -- the Pirates and Brewers were at 10 losing seasons, the Tigers at nine, the Royals at eight, with the Orioles, Marlins and Rays all at five. There was certainly less competitive balance then, although I think we’ve learned that in those pre-Moneyball days, there was a vast disparity in the competence of front offices that doesn’t exist now.
The two obvious cases of teams “not trying to win” this offseason are the Marlins and Pirates. The Marlins have traded away an All-Star outfield of Giancarlo Stanton, Marcell Ozuna and Christian Yelich (plus Dee Gordon), while the Pirates traded Andrew McCutchen and Gerrit Cole. The Pirates never play in the free-agent market anyway -- the biggest foray in franchise history was re-signing Francisco Liriano for $39 million -- and while the Marlins have dabbled in the past with bad results (see Wei-Yin Chen or Jose Reyes), that wasn’t going to happen with the new ownership group.
Those two teams -- along with the Rays trading Evan Longoria to the Giants -- have clearly affected the free-agent market, however. If the Yankees don’t trade for Stanton, maybe they go after J.D. Martinez. If the Astros don’t trade for Cole, maybe they go after Jake Arrieta or Yu Darvish. The Giants fixed a glaring hole at third base with Longoria rather than sign a free agent such as Moustakas or Todd Frazier. The Cardinals acquired Ozuna rather than spend on a risky free agent. These deals have had an impact on Boras’ clients remaining out there.
Still, let’s take Boras’ words as truth: The integrity of the game is suffering because not all teams are trying to win. How do you solve this? You need to provide more incentives for winning -- or penalties for losing. Here are some ideas on what the game could do:
Relegation. “Congratulations on your 64-98 record, Giants. You’ve now been relegated to the Pacific Coast League. The Memphis Redbirds will take your place in the NL West.” There are people who propose this all the time. Hey, it would be a great solution! You want to play with the big boys, then you'd better win. Of course, Major League Baseball doesn’t have the same structure as the Premier League, so quit proposing this idea as a realistic scenario. Although I'd love to see some rich person from Cedar Rapids buy a Midwest League team and make it all the way up to the majors.
Expand the playoffs. If you added a sixth playoff team in each league, maybe a team like the Pirates wouldn’t feel as compelled to trade McCutchen and Cole. Or maybe the Blue Jays or Rangers spend a little more in free agency. A rebuild becomes less necessary if you have better odds of reaching the postseason.
On the Womens Tedric Thompson Jersey other hand, adding the wild-card game hasn’t provided all that much extra incentive. Frankly, a one-and-done scenario in the postseason isn’t all that appealing for teams to make risky free-agent signings. If you expanded the playoffs, I think you’d have to do something like this:,101311

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Newcastle’s legions are running out of

It was on 17 minutes that the Newcastle United supporters first made their feelings clear. “You fat cockney bastard, get out of our club,” came the chant from one corner of The Shed and it did not require Sherlock Holmes to figure out to whom their ire was directed. Mike Ashley was not in attendance but he has remained a notable figure in proceedings, on and off the pitch.

First there was the chant, which could be heard again on three occasions during the second half, and then the makeup of those responsible for it. Newcastle fans regularly travel in good numbers but here large chunks of blue and white seats could be seen in a part of the stand that one would have expected before kick‑off to be dominated by black and white.
A lunchtime kick‑off and live television coverage were almost certainly causes for the absences but, if a glance at social media was anything to go by, a strong sense of apathy also appeared to play a part. As some said, why bother with an early, long train journey down south when you know your team are going to get beaten and therefore be knocked out at the fourth-round stage of the FA Cup for a fifth successive year? Worse still, when you Ryan Garbutt Jersey also know that the man at the very top barely cares? That is the impression Ashley continues to give and, as such, it is hard to blame Newcastle’s fervent followers if they are beginning to lose heart, too.
What was so evident here is just how far away Newcastle are from competing at the highest level. They started well, pushing Chelsea back with a level of aggression and intent that was absent when Daniel Murphy Authentic Jersey they faced Manchester City eight days ago. Jonjo Shelvey was having one of those games that makes the idea of the 25-year-old earning an England recall seem plausible – working hard and spraying passes with ambition and precision. Matt Ritchie was also a threat in an advanced left-sided role and, had he and Dwight Gayle pulled off a quick one‑two, the visitors could well have taken the lead. But they failed to do so and 10 minutes later it was Chelsea who struck through Michy Batshuayi after a classy build-up involving Pedro, Eden Hazard and Marcos Alonso.
It was the type of play – a wonderfully precise long pass, two neat ones in tight areas – that for all the industry and encouraging flashes Newcastle showed early on here they never appeared capable of pulling off, which is hardly a surprise given this largely remains a Championship group of players. Of those who started only Javier Manquillo arrived at the club since promotion and even when two more summer acquisitions came off the bench in the shape of Jacob Murphy and Joselu the quality gap remained stark, in defence as well as attack. Little wonder those in the away end were so sustained in their anger at the owner.
Any good work Ashley may have done at Newcastle since taking over a decade ago is severely undermined by his starving of the club’s on-pitch resources. Newcastle’s potential is rich yet they are relative paupers compared with those they regularly compete with and it is damning that the £17m spent on Michael Owen almost 13 years ago remains the record acquisition made at St James’ Park.
Ashley is prepared to sell but a deal DeAndre Jordan Youth jersey looks further than ever from being done, certainly with Amanda Staveley and her company PCP Capital Partners if the recent claims and counter-claims that have been exchanged between the parties are anything to go by. So the status quo remains and the worry for the fans is that Rafael Benítez will soon decide he has had enough. The manager spoke diplomatically here about signing players before the close of the transfer window but his frustration and pessimism was unmistakable. He appears to have given up hope; increasingly he is not the only one.

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Eagles' D-line plans to crash Tom Brady's Super Bowl party

PHILADELPHIA -- The term "faceless opponent" has been used over and over inside the Philadelphia Eagles locker room this week. Players and coaches are combatting the New England Patriots mystique by keeping the focus on themselves while painting the Patriots as mortal rather than larger than life. That treatment even applies to four-time Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady. They put on their pads just like us," said Eagles receiver Alshon Jeffery. "I don't care who it is -- Tom Brady, it don't really matter who's the quarterback -- it don't matter."

But the Eagles are also grounded in reality, and recognize the easiest way to make him play like a mortal is to put him on his back. Veteran defensive end Chris Long, a member of the 2016 championship Patriots team, knows it as well as anybody. So it's no surprise that he decided to address the defensive line during meetings at the start of the work week.His message?
"Let's go out there and make him uncomfortable," he said, according to standout defensive tackle Fletcher Cox. he Eagles have certainly been effective in putting the squeeze on opponents this season. They rank fourth in opponent points (18.4) and yards (306.5) per game, have the fifth-lowest opponent QBR in the league (45) and had 106 disrupted dropbacks during the regular season, which ranked ninth, according to ESPN Stats & Information. The Eagles' ability to harass quarterback Case Keenum in the NFC Championship Game against the Minnesota Vikings -- they registered eight quarterback hits Derek Anderson Authentic Jersey and forced three turnovers -- was the biggest key to victory.
It's a safe bet that the matchup between the Eagles' defensive front versus Brady and New England's offensive line will decide Carl Lawson Jersey who hoists the Lombardi Trophy next Sunday. As I say every week, it's going to come down to the front four guys getting after the quarterback and making him uncomfortable in the pocket," Cox said.
In the Eagles' case, it might be more appropriate to refer to the defensive line not as the front four, but the front seven. The Eagles have one of the deepest defensive-line rotations in the NFL. They had seven defensive linemen record at least 400 snaps this season, the most in the NFL. Brandon Graham and Vinny Curry are considered the starting defensive ends, but two of their rotational edge rushers -- Long (forced interception, fumble recovery) and rookie Derek Barnett (strip sack) -- who came up with some of the biggest plays of the game against Minnesota, evidence that this attack can come at you in waves.
“It’s a lot more than four," said Patriots coach Bill Belichick. "I wish it was four. It’s about eight, nine. It’s a very disruptive Brett Anderson Jersey group -- hard to run against, hard to throw against, and they’re well-coached." he last time these teams faced off in 2015, the Eagles had 10 quarterback hits on Brady and sacked him four times in a 35-28 Eagles win. Brady threw two interceptions in that game, including one that Malcolm Jenkins returned 99 yards for a touchdown. Graham, who paced the team with 9.5 sacks this season, had two takedowns and three QB hits in that game.
"He's going to try and take us out of the game. He's going to try and speed it up on us a little bit," Graham said. "I think, for us, we continue to keep conditioning ... and just don't get frustrated when he tries to take us out of the game. We've got to make sure that we tackle well because they're going to be dinking and dunking and trying to take whatever the defense gives them. We know that, and we're going to go out and have fun against Brady."
One of the things that makes Brady an all-time great is his ability to thrive no matter the conditions. Per ESPN Stats & Information, Brady completed 59 percent of his passes when under pressure this season -- by far the best rate in the NFL -- with 10 touchdowns and two interceptions. For comparison, top quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees and Matt Ryan each finished with completion rates of 42 percent or below when pressured. In other words, even if the Eagles' front does its job, Brady still might find a way to do his job better.
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski took a step forward in the concussion protocol on Saturday, participating in football-specific drills with his teammates for the first time since he took a hit to the helmet in Sunday's AFC Championship Game.
Gronkowski remains in the concussion protocol, according to the Patriots, which means that he has yet to fully clear all five steps required to play in a game. Participating in football-specific drills is the fourth step, followed by full football activity. It's always great to have him out there," quarterback Tom Brady said Saturday. "He's a great player, great person, great teammate and a big part of what we do. So it obviously hurts when he's not out there for a lot of reasons, but he's doing the best he can do, and we're all hopeful." n the portion of practice open to the media Saturday, Gronkowski jogged, stretched and caught a few passes in a drill in which there was no defense. He wore full pads and a helmet, and his level of participation in the rest of practice is not known.
"Absolutely, he's got a great personality and a great way about him, so he definitely has a joyfulness to him, and he brings that to the team," Brady said. "It's just a great attribute of his. It always has been since he got here."
The Patriots had five players diagnosed with concussions during the regular season that they listed on their injury report, and four of them missed one game before returning the following week. While every situation is different, the team's hope is that Gronkowski follows a similar progression. His clearance must come from the Patriots' head team physician and be confirmed by an independent neurological consultant, per the NFL's concussion protocol guidelines. cheap jerseys for sale wholesale jerseys cheap cheap nfl jerseys usa nba jerseys for sale new nike nfl jerseys jerseys supply

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Jürgen Klopp expects positive

Jürgen Klopp said the pressure is on Liverpool following their FA Cup exit and the reaction to defeat by West Bromwich Albion will determine their fortunes in the Champions League.

Klopp’s hopes of winning the first trophy of his Liverpool reign rest on the Champions League this season after his team were deservedly beaten by Alan Pardew’s side on Saturday. The 3-2 home defeat condemned Liverpool to a third consecutive fourth‑round exit under their manager and was a second successive loss against a team in the bottom two of the Premier League following the reverse at Swansea City last Monday.

VAR intruded Albion’s fine performance at Anfield where the referee, Craig Pawson, used the system for three correct first-half decisions but also strayed into farce with several unnecessary reviews. It could not camouflage another poor defensive display from Liverpool. Their manager admits the success of this campaign, whether through winning the Champions League or finishing in the top four of the Premier League, depends on an immediate response.
Klopp, who takes his team to Huddersfield Town , said: “It’s not difficult to think about it [recovering for the Champions League]; it’s more difficult to find the right answer. We have to show in the next game what we really want. It’s not the first game we’ve lost and it’s all about reactions. We have to do better. We’ve played two games in a row in which we didn’t perform like we can. Look at both Jermon Bushrod Authentic Jersey games and you have to say that was not good enough, simple as that. What we achieve, we will see in the next few games
“There are a lot of games to play, a lot of big challenges waiting for us and we have to be ready. After each defeat, if you learn from it, then it makes a little bit of sense. If you don’t learn from it, then it makes absolutely no sense.Of course the pressure increases in a situation like this, the pressure we make on ourselves, but that’s how it is.”
The defeat was Liverpool’s first at Anfield since 23 April 2017 and arrived less than two weeks after they inflicted a first Premier League loss of the season on Manchester City. Klopp, whose team face Porto in the Champions League last 16 next month, denied complacency had crept into his players having beaten the league leaders.
“It was only a few days ago we were here talking about Man City, one of the best football games we were a part of. That’s how it is. Nothing in training gave me a sign that the boys misjudged the success or result against Man City, or the performance. We are really serious people and I think we took it in the right way. But then we had two games and we have to show that we can do better. It’s not allowed to concede goals like we conceded.”
Liverpool benefited from two VAR decisions against Albion – with Craig Dawson having a goal disallowed for a marginal offside and Mohamed Salah winning a penalty after being pulled by Jake Livermore. Klopp, unsurprisingly, was not Jordan Staal Youth jersey as bewildered as the Albion manager, Alan Pardew, about the system. “It’s the start of it,” he said. “It’s normal that it’s a little bit rusty but I think it will be OK.” But he was annoyed that VAR was not used to penalise the Albion substitute Ahmed Hegazi for a bad challenge on Roberto Firmino that was missed by the match officials.
Klopp, who will be without Adam Lallana for another week because of a muscle tear, said: “Harsh challenges should be picked up. I’m not 100% sure but I think if the video assistant referee is not responsible for something Gerald Everett Authentic Jersey like that we should think over the rules again because the ref needs help in a situation like this. I’m sure he would have whistled if he saw it but he didn’t. If you see it on television it’s just horrible.” basketball jerseys for sale wholesale nhl jerseys nike nfl jerseys china nike nfl jerseys 2016 nike nfl jerseys supply basketball jerseys cheap

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Pressure is on Colts GM Chris Ballard with Josh McDaniels

INDIANAPOLIS -- Colts general manager Chris Ballard has landed his next head coach in New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.The pressure on Ballard is about to intensify.

There will be pressure on McDaniels because he’s going to be in charge of coaching the players. But there’s going to be even more pressure on Ballard, who spent his first season cleaning house with the roster and analyzing the coaching staff. The Colts, who haven't been to the playoffs since 2014, must take a step forward after finishing with a 4-12 record this season.

Ballard will have nearly $85 million in salary-cap space -- third most in the NFL -- to work with in free agency and the No. 3 overall pick in April's draft. The Colts are working under the assumption that they’ll have a healthy Andrew Luck (shoulder), who missed the entire 2017 season. There’s no Art Monk Jersey excuse for the team not to be a better next season.Back to McDaniels.Ballard is hitching his wagon to a coach who clashed with players and coaches during his unsuccessful go-round as head coach in Denver. He was 11-17 as coach of the Broncos before being fired halfway through the 2010 season. One difference this time is McDaniels won’t be in charge of personnel decisions. That’s Ballard’s department.
Is McDaniels a good coach or just a product of Bill Belichick’s system in New England?It’s understandable to be wary of hiring one of Belichick’s assistants to be head coach. History has shown they haven’t Authentic Lane Taylor Jersey done well after leaving New England for NFL head-coaching jobs.
Former Patriots defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel went 26-54 as head coach in Cleveland and Kansas City. Eric Mangini, another former New England defensive coordinator, was a combined 33-47 with the Browns and New York Jets. Houston coach Bill O’Brien, who was Belichick’s offensive coordinator, has done the best of the group. He is 31-33 with two playoff appearances despite having Womens Willie Roaf Jersey quarterback issues with the Texans.
His experience in Denver -- and further work with Belichick -- should help McDaniels this time around. The Patriots have reached at least the AFC Championship Game each season since McDaniels returned in 2012. They’ll try to win their third Super Bowl in that span when they take on the Philadelphia Eagles on Feb. 4.McDaniels wants to join O’Brien in having success as a head coach. With a healthy Luck and plenty of capital available to upgrade the roster, this could end up being the best head-coaching job that was available.Ballard hopes so, because he can't Anthony Barr Jersey afford for the franchise to go backward anymore.
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is on the cusp of doing something no 40-year-old quarterback has before: Lead his team to a Super Bowl championship. He's also the top candidate to earn the NFL's Most Valuable Player award, which would be his third. And he already was named first-team All-Pro, totaling 47 of 50 votes after throwing for a league-high 4,577 yards in the regular season, with 32 touchdowns and eight interceptions. So Brady, who turned 40 on Aug. 3, is holding off Father Time and in the process is producing a documentary about it. Fittingly, it's called "Tom vs. Time."
Brady isn't the first athlete to excel after turning 40, but he's blazing an impressive trail nonetheless. Here are 40 other athletes who made significant impacts after their 40th birthday (listed by age during their last time competing on the highest level of their sport or by current age for those still active). A version of this feature ran two years ago to commemorate Jaromir Jagr's 44th birthday.
Before 40: By the time he turned 40, Pudge had already been American League Rookie of the Year, a 10-time All-Star and the guy who hit the most famously body-Englished home run in World Series history.After 40: Despite playing the game's most punishing position, Fisk kept strapping on the catcher's gear until his was 45. At the time of his retirement in 1993, he held the career records for games caught and home runs by a catcher (although both have since been broken). When his No. 27 was retired by the Red Sox -- joining the No. 72 that already had been retired by the White Sox -- he summed up the experience of the over-40 athlete by saying, "A million years went by quick."
Before 40: Franco was a three-time All-Star, won the 1991 AL batting title and accumulated more than 2,000 hits.After 40: After stints in Japan, Mexico and Korea, Franco hit .285 in in parts of seven seasons with the Braves and the New York Mets. He played his final MLB game at age 49 in 2007. He played in the Mexican League in 2008 and appeared in seven games for the independent Fort Worth Cats in 2014. Last year, Franco served as a player-manager in a Japanese independent league at age 57. "If you're a certain age, they want to run you out," Franco said in 2005. "It's simple. Don't stereotype. Can you do the job? Yes or no? Look at the ability." cheap nba jerseys hockey jerseys wholesale jerseys all mlb jerseys cheap wholesale nfl jerseys nike nfl jerseys china cheap basketball jerseys

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Weekly Reader: The NHL's Brad Marchand Problem

The hit to Pat Peake's throat with his stick in 1995 earned him four games. The slash to Jeremy Roenick in 1998 was four games. That cross-check to Brendan Morrow in 2002 was worth two games, and that time he kicked Ville Nieminen late in the 2003-04 season was worth only one. He had a couple of one-game suspensions in the 2007 playoffs -- an elbow to the head of Tomas Holmstrom and another to the head of Dean McAmmond. Then he got eight games in 2008 for a skate-stomp on Ryan Kesler.

It was a series of injurious, reckless plays that happened to be committed by a Hall of Fame defenseman who was one of the most vital players on each of his teams. There was no pattern, no correctable behavior. There was no particular lesson to Womens Tim Howard Jersey be learned for a player who would elbow a guy in the head one year and then skate-stomp an opponent in the next, other than trying convince a player whose effectiveness was tied to constantly toeing the edge of legality to change his stripes.
"Not every one of my suspensions was purposeful or intentional. A lot of that stuff happens spur of the moment in the middle of a game," said Pronger in 2014, about taking a gig with the Department of Player Safety. "Sometimes emotions get the best of you. Things happen."
Marchand was suspended on Wednesday for five games after concussing Marcus Johansson of the New Jersey Devils with a forearm to the head. It was the sixth time Marchand has been suspended in his nine-year NHL career, for a total of 19 games. He has also been fined three times, losing over $878,500 to supplemental discipline penalties.
Five games for a head shot for a guy on his sixth suspension seemed fairly minuscule when you look at other suspensions for repeat offenders. Radko Gudas, for example, went from a three-game suspension for a check to the head in 2015, to a six-game suspension for a boarding penalty that resulted in a concussion in 2016 and then a 10-game suspension for a slash to the neck of Mathieu Perreault in 2017. Raffi Torres was banned for two games in 2011, another two games and then a 25-game suspension in 2012, the rest of a playoff series in 2013 (six games total), and then 41 games in 2015 -- all for hits to the head.
But Marchand isn't Gudas, nor is he Torres. He isn't necessarily a headhunter by trade. Like Pronger, he "samples the menu." Unlike Pronger, his menu spans from when he was a bottom-six depth player through his emergence as a first-line scorer -- and All-Star -- with the Bruins.
Marchand was suspended two games in 2011 for elbowing, five games in 2012 for clipping, two games in 2015 for slew-footing, three games in 2015 for clipping and two games in 2017 for spearing before this latest incident. Some of these offenses became suspensions because of Marchand's reputation. Others were inflated because of it, as we saw in the Johansson incident.
The Department of Player Safety has always served three purposes: as a way to punish players whose illegal actions deserve supplemental discipline; as a means to change the behavior of players who are constantly running afoul of the NHL for particular plays; and to throw the book at those players once it's clear they refuse to change that behavior and are persistent offenders.
The Brad Marchand problem for the NHL is a unique one. He's a repeat offender, but his specific offenses are rarely repeated. The Johansson play was unlike anything he has done in the past six seasons. This isn't Torres, unable to deliver a check without bludgeoning a guy's brain. This is a dirty player whose actions are like a warped hockey version of the game "Operation," going after the knees one turn and the head the next.
One of the questions Brendan Shanahan used to struggle with as the head of the Department Player Safety was whether the department could hand out a two-game suspension to a player such as Matt Cooke after he had been hit with, say, a 17-game ban. Once a player has been hit with a maximum sentence, can he then be charged with a petty crime? Can you go backward on a repeat offender, depending on the offense?
I think you can. That second ideal for the Department of Player Safety is, I think, the most important one: changing particular behavior for players, with a focus on hits the head, as opposed to simply ramping up for each subsequent infraction, regardless of the specifics.
If Marchand gives another opponent a forearm shiver to the skull within the next several months, he's gone for double digits. The Department of Player Safety weighs plays involving head injuries more heavily than anything else. (A massive lawsuit regarding concussions will do that to a league.) Five games is a clear indication that Marchand is on the radar for this kind of hit, and there's zero tolerance for another one.
As absurd as it sounds, suspension No. 7 might not be the massive, Torres-level everyone expects for the "Little Ball of Hate" -- especially now that Marchand is a top-line, 30-goal player. Dave Concepcion Authentic Jersey As we've seen this week with him, suspensions can't dim an All-Star. nike nfl jerseys 2016 cheap jerseys online cheap basketball jerseys cheap jerseys wholesale

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Ross Barkley’s stumbling

There was a funny start to Ross Barkley’s Chelsea career on Wednesday night. As Willian prepared to limp off the Emirates Stadium pitch midway through the first half Barkley, his obvious replacement, was still dutifully gambolling up and down the touchline in his tracksuit.

This didn’t go down well with Antonio Conte who seems, even at the best of Teuvo Teravainen Youth jersey times, to be in a state of constant eye-boggling rage at every detail of his sentient existence. This is Conte’s default mood, his baseline. But he still managed to find some even deeper gears, letting out a shriek, waggling his arms and clenching his fists like a man strangling invisible kittens and generally urging Barkley back down the touchline like the most embarrassing stressed-out dad in the long and detailed history of embarrassing stressed-out dads.
The Arsenal fans on that side roared with laughter. Barkley scuttled off to remove his shirt, all anxious fingers and thumbs. Finally he came on for his first game of football after eight months out, one traumatic hamstring injury and a life-changing move from his boyhood club. His first Aaron Altherr Jersey act in a Chelsea shirt was to fall on his face. His second was to foul Jack Wilshere. His third was to run the wrong way in search of a pass. After which things really started to go downhill.
There is something compelling about terrible debuts, a kind of voodoo that is hard to shake. Simon Kerrigan’s Test cricket debut for England against Australia at the Oval springs to mind, when Kerrigan didn’t just bowl poorly but seemed to have forgotten completely the sequence of movements he had been repeating with uninterrupted success from childhood, instead hurling down assorted round-arm lobs like a man tossing wellies at a country fair. He hasn’t been seen since.
Judgments have already been passed on Barkley on this basis, doubts confirmed, cards marked.
Which is a great shame for two reasons. First, because it does Barkley a disservice. Yes, he was bad, producing a horribly uncomfortable performance, a sense of being unable to avoid or stop or walk away from what was clearly a traumatically raw and rusty hour of football.
He whirled around a lot, finding pockets of pointless space. He looked red-faced and startled in exactly the way footballers really aren’t supposed to be startled, baffled by the patterns around him. Understandably so. Barkley wasn’t ready. He is not an instinctive, natural-genius kind of footballer, those who seem to define the game simply by playing it, to reek of pure uncut essence of football.
Luka Modric, for example, could be dropped on to the storm-racked surface of Mars with just a lungful of air and a football, and in the 40 seconds or so before he asphyxiated Modric would still be able to move and link and pass between the craters and rock piles, even here asserting his own sense of pure footballing ease.
Barkley is not that player. His form and his conditioning are more delicate. With a little care he will show the best of himself. Really, though, the point of interest here had little to do with Barkley and a lot more to do with that genuinely rare spectacle of a professional athlete so startlingly out of kilter. This is the occasional vertigo of professional sport, the revelation, suddenly, of its brutality, its rarified levels.

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What does a guy have to do to get a combine invite

Shaquill made the biggest impact of any Seahawks rookie in 2017. He started 11 games at right cornerback and, despite a few inevitable rookie moments, showed that he belongs there for good.While the Seahawks held their final team meetings and cleaned out their lockers the day after their season ended, UCF was beating Auburn in the Peach Bowl to complete a 13-0 season. Shaquill was following along from his phone as Shaquem filled up the stat sheet with 12 tackles, including 3.5 for loss, and 1.5 sacks to earn defensive MVP honors.

His final numbers in 26 games over his two seasons as a starter were eye-popping. A pass-rushing outside linebacker, he finished with 166 tackles, including 33.5 TFLs, plus 18.5 sacks and a pair of interceptions (he had Authentic Jourdan Lewis Jersey another pick in 2015).

"Shaquill was a great player at UCF, but Shaquem was a great player at UCF and has a lot Womens Robert Thomas Jersey of accolades," agent Buddy Baker, who represents both brothers, told in a phone interview Wednesday. "As a junior he was the conference player of the year, so while it was disheartening and really surreal with Shaquill at first because we knew what his ability was, you could at least make some sense out of it. This was nonsensical."
As detailed in this story from last year, Shaquem was born with amniotic band syndrome. The five fingers in his left hand weren't fully formed and were often in great pain. That pain was so intolerable one night that Shaquem sprung out of bed and ran into the family's kitchen, where he grabbed a knife with the intention of cutting off his hand. The next day, his parents had it amputated.According to the NFL, Shaquem would be the first modern-era player with only one hand to be drafted.
Attending the combine is by no means Fran Tarkenton Jersey a prerequisite for NFL success. The Seahawks have two good examples of that. Wide receiver Doug Baldwin wasn't invited in 2011. Linebacker Bobby Wagner couldn't make it the following year because of an illness. Baldwin is playing in his second straight Pro Bowl, and Wagner's résumé includes four Pro Bowls and three first-team All-Pro selections.
But while Wagner was still drafted in the second round, Baldwin wasn't drafted at all. A chance to work out in front of teams and meet Brandon Carlo Authentic Jersey with their decision-makers at the combine surely would have helped. I don't know where Shaquem or other guys may get drafted, but I know this: that Shaquem is the type of player, the caliber of player that's going to be in the NFL for a long time," Baker said. "But [not going to the combine] certainly has an impact on your exposure."
Shaquill said Shaquem is "just controlling the only thing he can control." Right now, that's how he performs at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. Shaquill said Shaquem couldn't wait to get there "because he just wants to compete and continue to show people stuff like that fuels him."
Senior Bowl coaches had Shaquem play multiple positions on Wednesday, including safety and linebacker. The NFL Network listed him at just over 6 feet tall and 223 pounds, making him undersized by NFL linebacker standards. So moving him around gave teams a chance to see where he might fit at the next level. uring an interview with the NFL Network, Shaquem was asked if he thinks there are still people who doubt he can play in the NFL, and if so, what he would tell them.
"I definitely feel that way," he said. "I know there's a lot of people on the outside looking in saying, 'I don't think he can get this job done.' The only thing I could tell them is make sure you stay tuned in. I've got a surprise for you."
In recent years, teams that improved dramatically in 12 months usually stumbled immediately thereafter, the hope for sustainable success quickly tempered by the realities of a parity-driven league. From the start of 1990 to the end of 2016, 23 NFL teams increased their win total by seven or more games from the previous season. The following year, however, those 23 teams averaged 3.8 more losses, according to numbers compiled by ESPN's Bill Barnwell.
The Los Angeles Rams (11-5) and the Jacksonville Jaguars (10-6) each made seven-win improvements in 2017, and perhaps history can teach them something. Eleven of the 23 teams that previously experienced similar seven-plus-win improvements saw that win total decrease by four or more the following season. One of those teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2003 to 2005, went from 6-10 to 15-1 to 11-5. But they won the Super Bowl in the final year of that stretch.
These other 10, however, were ripe for evaluation: 1990-92 Denver Broncos (5-11 to 12-4 to 8-8), 1991-93 Indianapolis Colts (1-15 to 9-7 to 4-12), 1997-99 Atlanta Falcons (7-9 to 14-2 to 5-11), 2000-02 Chicago Bears (5-11 to 13-3 to 4-12), 2005-07 Baltimore Ravens (6-10 to 13-3 to 5-11), 2007-09 Miami Dolphins (1-15 to 11-5 to 7-9), 2009-11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-13 to 10-6 to 4-12), 2011-13 Minnesota Vikings (3-13 to 10-6 to 5-10-1), 2014-16 Carolina Panthers (7-8-1 to 15-1 to 6-10) and the 2015-17 Dallas Cowboys (4-12 to 13-3 to 9-7). cheap jerseys for sale nba jerseys cheap wholesale nfl jerseys supply cheap nfl jerseys wholesale nba jerseys cheap wholesale mlb jerseys mlb jerseys china

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NFL concussions continue to rise

In 2017, teams reported a total of 56 concussions during practices; that number was 32 in 2016 and averaged 44 between 2012 and 2015. Of the 56 practice concussions, 45 occurred during the preseason.

According to Sills, the league is analyzing details such Emmanuel Ogbah Authentic Jersey as the types of drills that players were participating in when concussed. It will prepare and transmit individualized reports for each team, likely by the beginning of March. It's possible they could lead to new guidelines and policies for next season, especially during training camp.

"That drove our attention after a couple of years where those preseason practice concussions decreased," said Jeff Miller, the NFL's executive vice president of health and safety initiatives. "This is an important aspect of the work we'll be doing between now and the combine, and not just with the medical experts, but obviously how practices are run at the club level. [That] is something under the control of the coaches, the general managers and others who are on site."
Concussions during games also rose, from 211 in 2016 to 225 in 2017. Some of that increase could be attributed to a bump in self-reporting by players. According to an analysis by IQVIA, the league's injury data partner, 28 percent of concussion evaluations during games were prompted by a player reporting his own symptoms. That was up from 18.4 percent in 2016. But Christina DeFilippo Mack, senior director of epidemiology at IQVIA, said she couldn't yet say how many of the diagnosed concussions -- as opposed to the assessments -- started with a self-report.
Meanwhile, the league's data also showed that for the first time since at least 2014, injury rates were higher on Thursday night games than they were during regular-season games. There were an average of 6.9 injuries per game on Thursday nights and 6.3 on other days. IQVIA defined an injury as one that caused a player to miss time, either in that game or subsequent ones.
The league has defended its Thursday night schedule, which puts players back on the field with three days' less rest than normal, by noting that they produced no difference in injury rates.Friday, Sills said: "Assessing the overall health and safety impact of the game is a lot more complex than just a simple injury rate."
IQVIA's DeFilippo Mack said the one-year flip in injury rates was statistically insignificant, while Sills said there are many other factors involved in evaluating Thursday night games than injury rates."It would be somewhat naïve and superficial of us to say that because the number went up or down that Thursday night is safer or more dangerous," he said.
Also, injuries to the two primary knee ligaments in 2017 were mostly unchanged from 2016. There were 54 torn ACLs in 2017 and 56 in 2016. There also 147 MCL tears, up slightly from 143 in 2016.
"I feel like he's proven enough," Shaquill told in a phone interview Wednesday. "I'm not sure what else that he needs to prove to get the invite, but you know there's going to be coaches and teams that's going to have their own opinion about both of us, actually. I feel like after a while, enough is enough. I feel like he's proven enough. But he's never been the type of person to let stuff like that get to him, so I guess I've got to get better at that because I feel like I took it harder than he did."
That reaction is understandable. Blake Comeau Jersey Shaquill, born a minute earlier, has always been the protective older brother who has had Shaquem's back at every turn. And it makes just as much sense that Shaquem would take that setback in stride given how he has overcome much greater adversity in his life -- not having a left hand, which was amputated at age 4.Despite that, he was a two-year starter at UCF and the American Athletic Conference's defensive player of the year in 2016. He earned first-team All-AAC honors both seasons.
"I feel like any other player who has the accolades that he has and everything that he's accomplished, he'd be the first person to have a Donatas Motiejunas Womens Jersey combine invite," Shaquill said. "And you're going to tell me the reason why is because of his situation? That's not fair. I'm not sure what else he has to prove at that point. That's the reason why I stood up [for him], not just because he’s my twin brother. He proved everybody wrong, he did everything he's done, he has all the accolades, he's a baller. I don't see why he shouldn't have a combine invite."
In fact, it wasn't until around this time a year ago that Shaquill got his invitation after being left off the initial list. His strong performance in Indianapolis included a time of 4.38 seconds in the 40-yard dash -- the fourth-fastest among cornerbacks -- which no doubt helped his draft stock. The Seahawks chose him in the third round at No. 90 overall, the highest draft pick they've spent on a cornerback under general manager John Schneider and coach Pete Carroll.

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Jordan Ayew’s quality finish offers

A splendid Jordan Ayew goal was the highlight of a miserable evening at the Liberty Stadium where Swansea City recorded a rare home victory – only their third of the season – to overcome the dismal conditions as well as the Championship leaders and secure a place in the FA Cup fourth round.

Ayew’s goal was totally out of keeping with a scrappy game and drew comparisons with the moment of brilliance that Ricky Villa produced in the 1981 FA Cup Terrance West Jersey final replay, when the Argentinian weaved his way through a sea of Manchester City defenders to score for Tottenham. Although the stakes were not nearly so high here, and the crowd was nothing like as big – only 8,294 braved the elements on a sodden night in South Wales – it was Tyson Jost Authentic Jersey still a terrific goal from Ayew as he wriggled his way past five Wolves players before finishing with aplomb.
Wolves, who are 10 points clear at the top of the Championship, looked uninterested at that stage but Nuno Espírito Santo’s side came to life in the second half. Diogo Jota equalised within Bryce Harper Jersey two minutes of coming off the bench and, briefly, it appeared as though the momentum was with the visitors. Yet three minutes later Swansea regained the lead after Wilfried Bony stabbed a loose ball over the line to set up a trip to Notts County on Saturday week.
With relegation battles and promotion campaigns to win, both clubs have far more pressing matters on their mind than making progress in the FA Cup, yet Swansea will welcome any victory in a season that has been desperately bleak. Carlos Carvalhal talked about “building confidence” in the wake of his second win since he took over and described this as the club’s best performance out of his five games in charge.
Wolves will not be losing much sleep about suffering their first defeat in 15 matches. Nuno made the point that he felt Wolves should have beaten Swansea at Molineux and also said his players had “showed again that we are ready to compete against anyone.”
It was hard to draw many conclusions from a game that clearly meant little to both clubs in the grand scheme of things. The managers made eight changes apiece, which together with the sight of rows and rows of empty seats, as well as incessant rain and a swirling wind, did little to create any FA Cup fever.
Swansea, in fairness, started brightly. Roque Mesa, out of favour since Carvalhal’s appointment, was orchestrating things in midfield and it was no real surprise when Ayew put them ahead with that terrific goal. The striker was about 25 yards out when he picked up the ball before setting off on a sinuous run that ended with the former Aston Villa player registering his seventh goal of the season. “Ricky Villa? I don’t know that [goal],” said Carvalhal. “I’ll find it on YouTube tonight.”
The home team had a couple of chances to add to their lead in the first half. Mesa attempted a spectacular volley that flashed wide and five minutes before half-time Connor Roberts had a chance to mark his home debut with a goal. Running on to Bony’s pass the wing-back tried to slip the ball under Will Norris but the Wolves goalkeeper got down quickly to save.
Although Wolves came into the game towards the end of the first half the visitors needed a spark and Nuno knew where he could look to find one. On came Leo Bonatini and Jota, two of the club’s most influential players this season, and the latter had an immediate impact. Showing some neat footwork Jota sat one defender on his backside before squeezing a low shot inside Kristoffer Nordfeldt’s near post.
Swansea had started to look a little ragged, yet they still managed a way to hit back almost instantly. Wolves failed to deal with Tom Carroll’s cross and when the ball dropped kindly for Bony, about eight yards out, the Ivorian reacted quickly to stab home.

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Anderlecht’s Uefa charge offers

Shortly after 6pm CET on Tuesday Anderlecht were charged with infringing Article 19 (3) of Uefa’s safety and security regulations. Not the sexiest intro, admittedly, but the charge against the Belgian champions offers hope for fans being fleeced at European away games year after year. Anger, however, remains the prevailing mood over a ticketing system open to abuse.

Uefa opened proceedings against Anderlecht after the club charged Bayern Munich supporters €100 to attend a Champions League group game in November. Many Bayern fans boycotted despite tickets eventually being reduced to €70 thanks to subsidies from their own club. As at Arsenal two years earlier, when Bayern’s away support was charged €100 to watch a group game, it was time to make a stand.
Their outrage at Dale Hawerchuk Jersey a club cashing in on a rival’s mass following, and at Uefa appearing to ignore their concerns, was well-founded. European football’s governing body took disciplinary action only against Bayern initially, fining the club €20,000 after their supporters tossed fake money on to the pitch (throwing of objects, according to the charge) and displayed an “illicit banner” – again, according to Uefa’s control, ethics and disciplinary body – that read: “Is your gr€€d now finally satisfi€d?” A legitimate question with a costly answer.
The announcement this week that Wesley Johnson Womens Jersey Uefa will investigate the source of the problem at Anderlecht is a welcome step, albeit one that follows intense pressure and a continuing campaign against European ticket prices by the Bayern supporters’ group Club Nr 12.
It was Club Nr 12 that first accused Anderlecht of breaching Article 19 (3), which states: “Unless the associations or clubs concerned agree otherwise, the price of tickets for supporters of the visiting team must not exceed the price paid for tickets of a comparable category that are sold to supporters of the home team.” Supporters of the Belgian club had, Club Nr 12 pointed out, been able to buy group stage tickets only as a package. The total cost to Anderlecht fans for home games against Bayern, Celtic and Paris Saint-Germain was €141.
Uefa’s decision to charge Anderlecht is timely. The rule to prevent clubs over-charging away fans may be well-intentioned but its loopholes are being exposed with increasing regularity. Complaints are rising with prices.
Liverpool this week confirmed they had complained to Uefa and Porto over the Portuguese club charging away fans three times as much as their members to watch next month’s Champions League tie. Manchester United fans are having to pay €101 to attend their last-16 first leg at Sevilla. That is €40 more than Liverpool fans paid there in the group stage, so United have charged Sevilla fans an extra £35 at Old Trafford and are using the money to subsidise away tickets in Andalucía. Sevilla are now subsidising their fans for the second leg. They have reported United to Uefa for the price increase and for not making 5% of Old Trafford available for away fans. It is an unedifying tit-for-tat that fails to address the issue and exposes Uefa’s weaknesses in combating inflated prices.
Sevilla and Porto may be on suspect ground morally but have not breached Uefa rules. The latter are charging Liverpool fans €75 for tickets Authentic Keenan Robinson Jersey to a game Porto club members will attend for €25. Porto’s loophole is that general admission tickets for home supporters are €75. “It is not apparent that there will be any home general admission tickets sold at €75 due to the anticipated demand by FC Porto members,” read a Liverpool statement on Tuesday. “Liverpool FC has therefore raised this significant discrepancy at the highest level with Uefa and FC Porto, who have confirmed that this pricing structure and policy is in line with previous rounds in the competition.” Leicester fans paid £34.50 at Estádio do Dragão in December 2016. wholesale nba jerseys basketball jerseys discount jerseys wholesale jerseys all wholesale jerseys all

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Last year's list of possible departures for the

Patriots held more high-end talent, but there are certainly plenty of decisions for Bill Belichick to make after yet another successful season. None are as notable as what ended up going down as a curious hold on quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo last spring, but the Patriots may look different in several key spots next season.

The Pats enter the offseason with more than $19 million in cap room, a number they'll Ian Kinsler Womens Jersey grow with releases. Martellus Bennett and Dwayne Allen aren't likely to return at their current salaries, and cutting the pair of tight ends would free up $11.2 million in cap space. Linebacker David Harris, who has been inactive for stretches this season, also isn't likely to return at a cap number of $2.7 million.

On defense, the Patriots are likely to let cornerback Malcolm Butler leave in free agency after a disappointing final season in Foxborough. Butler was frequently burned in coverage in 2017, and the Pats aren't likely to commit the $10 million-plus per season Butler will get in free agency after they signed Stephon Gilmore last year. Johnson Bademosi could return after filling in early this season, but the starting job will likely go to Eric Rowe or Jonathan Jones in 2018.
Jones is one of several special-teams contributors who might play a bigger role next season, given that Bademosi, Matthew Slater and Nate Ebner are all free agents. The 32-year-old Slater seems destined to spend his entire career in New England, but some team might try to blow away the Patriots with an offer for the seven-time Pro Bowler. Ebner went on injured reserve with a knee injury and might not be healthy enough to start the 2018 campaign; he could return to the Patriots on a short-term deal.
The offense, though, may be the most impacted of all. Left tackle Nate Solder is a free agent amid his son's fight against cancer. Marcus Cannon will return from injury, but the team's current right tackle rotation of LaAdrian Waddle and Cameron Fleming are also about to hit the market. Running backs Rex Burkhead and Dion Lewis are both free agents, and it will be interesting to see whether Belichick -- who rarely pays well to retain running backs and just made an exception to that rule by re-signing James White in April -- will match what the market might offer to Lewis. And receiver Danny Amendola will hit free agency after restructuring his deal three times in five years with the Patriots.
The Eagles already have done much of their offseason business by re-signing talent Keith Kinkaid Jersey during the regular season. They locked up receiver Alshon Jeffery and defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan to extensions at midseason, securing two starters for the foreseeable future. As a result, the Eagles enter the 2018 season with more than $187 million committed to their cap, leaving Philly $4.3 million over the maximum even after rolling over $3.8 million in space. They've got some work to do.
To start, Philly will decline the option on receiver Torrey Smith and free up $5 million while earning a possible compensatory pick. The Eagles probably will have to either ask Brent Celek to take a pay cut or cut the 10-year veteran, given that Philly can't really afford to pay its second tight end $5 million. The Eagles also have to look at offensive tackle Jason Peters, who will be coming off a torn ACL and has a cap hold of $11.7 million. If Peters retires, the Eagles would save $5.4 million on their cap; if he chooses to continue his career, Philly could designate him as a post-June 1 release and free up $8 million in 2018.
Those three moves would net the Eagles around $12 million, which they can use to sign their draft class and look at re-signing at least one of their free agents. Trey Burton will likely get starting tight end money from someone, which would be too rich for Philly with Zach Ertz under contract. Running back Darren Sproles isn't a lock to return, and the Eagles will replace Blount with Jay Ajayi. Linebacker Nigel Bradham has been an every-down player for Philadelphia, and if the market doesn't deliver him a multiyear deal, it wouldn't be a surprise to see him return to work with defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz again. Slot cornerback Patrick Robinson had a career year even before his Kyrie Irving Youth jersey pick-six in the NFC Championship Game, which likely priced him out of Philly's market.
Likewise, the Steelers are $2 million over the cap Henrik Borgstrom Womens Jersey heading into 2018 -- and that's before doing anything with running back Le'Veon Bell. If the Steelers want to franchise Bell, they'll owe him $14.5 million. Throw in a draft class, a few players on the bottom of the roster and a modicum of cap space, and Pittsburgh probably has to clear out about $22 million or so in room.
Finding space will be challenging for the Steelers. They would have likely signed Ryan Shazier to an extension this offseason to lower his $8.8 million cap hold, but with Shazier's professional future uncertain, the Steelers will be forced to pay their star linebacker his fifth-year option in full. Pittsburgh could cut safety Mike Mitchell, who has a cap hold of $8.1 million in the final year of his deal, to free up $5 million. Backup J.J. Wilcox, who played 127 defensive snaps after coming over from Tampa, probably won't be back at his $3.1 million cap hit.
After that, you're looking at restructures. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's deal is probably off the table given its length (two years remaining) and Roethlisberger's advancing age. Receiver Antonio Brown can clear out $12.9 million by taking most of his base salary and all of his $6 million roster bonus as a signing bonus, which seems like the obvious move.
Pittsburgh's only free agents who played more than 100 snaps on offense or defense (besides Bell) are offensive lineman Chris Hubbard and inside linebacker Sean Spence, who was signed after Shazier's injury and started the final four games of the season. Hubbard has been an effective sixth lineman and started 10 games in 2017 mostly filling in for the injured/suspended Marcus Gilbert at right tackle, but the Steelers won't have the cap room to retain him given the offers Hubbard will likely get on the free-agent market.,78.0.html,102951

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